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My photography mentors are many, Richard Avedon, Annie Liebovitz, Yousuf Karsh, Mario Testino, Guy Aroch, to name a few.

I'm inspired by magazines, films, paintings, travel, and life. I love going for walks and watching people. I look at what people wear, how people look at each other, and how they act when they're by themselves. Sometimes I look for inspiration, and sometimes it finds me. I keep notes on ideas that I'd like to shoot one day. And I also keep a huge folder of images that I refer to when planning out shoots.

Making a living as a photographer is certainly a challenge; there's a lot of paying your dues and learning the ropes. I've been spending a lot of time rebuilding my portfolio and ensuring that I'm really happy with everything that's in there. As well as ensuring that I'm always creating full editorial stories as that's the style of photography I'd like to be known for. My goals for 2011, in addition to shooting for my clients, include doing one portfolio shoot a month. These shoots take a lot of work and that's why I'm making it a goal. Also, when planning my portfolio shoots I keep in mind current trends in what's happening in fashion and in photography so that I can also submit the images to magazines for publication.

My hint for people who are starting out is to spend some time as an intern. I have had several interns and have taught them as much as I can about what I know. Try to be as organized as you possibly can. Meet lots of people. Go to any and all social events that involve meeting people. Events that involve meeting clothing designers, and models, and hair and make up people. It also doesn't have to be photography related. You want to meet people so that they know that you're a photographer and maybe one day, one day waaaay in the future you might photograph for them. Don't give up. This is a really difficult career and you really have to want to be a photographer to stick with it. If you have to get a job just to support your photography, do it. Have a really clean and clear website. When someone goes to your site it has to be clear what you do, and also how to contact you. Have a great business card.

Skirt, Warehouse UK. Blazer, J.Crew. Shoes, Steve Madden. Tank Top.
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