The "Hair" Apparent
Letting Your Tresses Guide your Makeup

Hair Apparent
Colette Cormier is the IT make up artist in Toronto. Passionate, surprisingly approachable and an absolute wizard when it comes to making people Gorgeous. She has worked with some of the hottest celebrities and on some of our favourite shows; so when I kept getting the same beauty question “Just what colour of make-up works with my hair?”;  instead of trying to piece together the usual random answer, I went straight to the source and she was more than happy to guide us in the right direction.
Colette’s Suggestions

The question never gets tired, because the number of women asking it continues to grow.  You could get bogged down in colour theory with artsy answers that explain the complexities of hair, eye colour, skin-tones and where the 3 shall meet, but keep it simple. Blondes often have blue eyes; brunettes have brown and red-heads, well they are green or blue eyed beauties. With the common hair/eye shades kept in mind, here some products that will do you proud.


Eyes: Fair-haired, blue-eyed blondes look best in peach eyeshadows because orange is across from blue in the colour wheel. I guess we can’t avoid the colour theory lesson here! Try Cargo, Peach. They also look great in taupes with a little yellow in them, like M.A.C Cork shadow. These shades really contrast and pop out the blue eyes. But let’s not forget the ever-strengthening adage that blue eyes should never wear blue eyeshadow. Sarah Jessica Parker might have something to say about breaking that rule. Most makeup artists do agree with that but blue-eyed people refuse to hear it. So for those who still want an eyeshadow close to their own blue, use a grey with a blue hint to it. MAC’s Scene is perfect. To go darker, try M.A.C Print.  If your eyes are green, go with a red or plum shade like L’Oreal Plum Royale.

Foundation: try a great sheer one like M.A.C Face and Body, sold at independent MAC locations, or Clinique Perfectly Real.

Lips: a pale/nude lip always looks great with a smokey grey eye. Just cover your lips with your foundation, use a neutral lip pencil like M.A.C Subculture to line, then fill in with M.A.C. C-Thru Tinted Lipglass. For some colour, blondes look amazing in M.A.C. Brave lipstick.


Eyes: Brunettes with brown eyes are the lucky ones. They can wear any colour of shadow. Great ones would be lavenders, purples (M.A.C. Shale) and navy (Revlon Stonewash Denim Quad) because they contrast with the eye. But most artists love the plums and burgundies. A good trick when you can’t find a rich plum/pink, is to use a favourite blush like Annabelle #18. An accent colour is a nice black/burgundy such as M.A.C’s Sketch.

Foundation: brunettes often have oilier skin and look for foundation that stays. Try Estee Lauder Double Wear.

Lips: If you are going for the plums & purples in eyeshadows, Maybelline Plum Crazy is a great lip colour to harmonize.


Eyes: An all-around favourite for redheads is “Gold” Whether they are blue or green eyed. Try M.A.C. Woodwinked.

Foundation: Redheads are often dry in skin-type. Try  Maybelline, Instant Age Rewind.

Lips: Brick tones are great for redheads. Try Plume by Cargo, and for a natural/nude look Revlon Nude Creme Velvet is the choice of many artists. Top off any lip colour with liquid lip Shine by NYC in Pearl Glow.

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Story by Kimea Blake

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