There's Always a Story

Vague:  Over time I mastered which rooms in the house got the best light throughout the day. This was taken when I was living in San Antonio, Texas with my girlfriend and her mom. I purchased a black sheet and hung it up around 4pm on an overcast day. The photo is a self portrait shot with a polaroid Spectra and is a triple exposure. I was later shown a famous painting which depicts two figures both with a cloth similar to this one draped over their heads. I then remembered that we had discussed the painting in one of my art history classes during a lecture a year and a half ago. I also saw a similar photo in the polaroid book. Although I did the photo on instinct as I do all my photos, I find it interesting that I had already seen simlar pieces in the past.


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Photographer: John Argetsinger

Photos Copyright ©2006 John Argetsinger. All rights reserved.