Letter from the Editor
Lindsay Jolly
"Does sex sell?" We have all heard that at least once in our lives, if not to the point of it becoming one of the most annoying statements ever uttered by any human being. But as we also all know - it does! But how does glamour photography and modeling relate to sex?

This special issue of 180 Magazine aims to showcase some of the best and most unique glamour work out there. As you browse through all the stories this month you will see that glamour is a largely inclusive genre, that ranges from portraits to full nudes. Take the time to think about what your personal definition of glamour photography or modeling is. I think you will find it much more difficult to define now that we have shown you such a wide range of samples from the genre.

Most people will have no problem classifying Glenn Specht's "Pinup" or Ephotique's "Vargas" shots as glamour photography. But it would be just as easy to argue that "Winter is Tomorrow" by Monzani is fashion as it is glamour, clearly indicating that there is a great deal of overlap in the current market. I have found some common definitions of glamour versus fashion and it seems most feel the separating factor is the focus or purpose of the shot. If the photo is primarily about showcasing the clothes then its likely fashion, if the focus is more on the model's beauty then you have a glamour photo.

So what about the models? What does it take to be a glamour model? If the definition of glamour photography has such a wide range, would it not make sense that the same exist for glamour models? One thing is for sure - the glamour industry is much more accepting of variety, in models shapes and sizes, than fashion modeling is. To create a truly beautiful glamour image the model does not need to be 5'11", or be built like a pre-pubescent girl, in fact those things are less appropriate for glamour than a more average shaped beauty, with healthy curves instead of protruding rib bones.

As a result of this some well known faces, the best example being Tyra Banks, have made the choice to put their health first, stop conforming to the standards set out by the fashion industry and make the move to the more accepting genre of glamour modeling. And to that credit most of us are likely much more aware of Tyra as a model after her appearance in Sports Illustrated - Swimsuit Edition and the Victoria's Secret catalogue and runway shows.

While glamour modeling may reduce the risk of models developing eating disorders and the related health and emotional problems, it does present a different risk which may be more prevalent in glamour modeling and photography than in fashion. Some could blame it on the more provocative wardrobe or posing but regardless of the reason, sexual assault is something that all models need to be aware and cautious of. It is for this reason that I would encourage both models and photographers to NEVER shoot without a "creative team", which should at the very least include a make-up artist but preferably also a stylist, set designer and several assistants. It should go without saying that this process encourages quality over quantity, producing the best possible results.

I am sure you will find all the content in this issue intriguing and hopefully it will make you question some of your set thoughts about glamour modeling and photography. Finally, don't forget to figure out if you really are a GWC in "Scantily Clad".

Lindsay Jolly
Guest Editor

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