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    The January issue of Vogue Magazine outlines their four essential accessories for the Spring season. Coincidentally, three of Vogue's choices are also my choices for must-have pieces for Spring. Think big with every accessory you choose. You can find variations of all these items at your favourite local retailer.

    The first accessory is an over-sized hand bag. Similar to the Bo-ho bag of last season, but done with more detail. Look for zipper and rivet detailing in this seasons version of the over-sized bag. This bag will look great as a day piece and will also work into any evening look you might have. This bag will double as a purse as well as a gym bag. Everything plus the "kitchen sink" will fit in this bag.  Metallic is also popular for Spring, but only in accessories, not wardrobe. And can very easily be overdone. One piece is enough. You do not want to end up looking like the Tin Man now.

    The second choice item is a chunky heel. That does not mean get rid of all stilettos, it means to simply incorporate a chunky heel into your repertoire. A wedge heel can also give the same effect as the chunky heel, with an open toe. A chunky heel works really well in a boot, paired with a cocktail length skirt... fabulous! The shoe will also work in a metallic gold, silver or bronze. However, I can not stress this enough to not overdo your metallics ladies!!!!

    The big, wide belt is my third must-have for the season. The bigger the better. Think 80's!!!!!!! Wear the belt Empire style with a flirty dress. Or wear it slung around your hips to elongate the torso. Both styles are very trendy for Spring.

    Here is where Vogue and I have a different vision. Vogue suggests layering several different lengths of thick chain necklaces; graduating from the multi-layers of beaded necklaces that were popular last season with the bohemian-chic trend. However, the chains are a beautiful alternative, yet for petite women chains may be too overpowering. Thus, I believe that both trends are acceptable for Spring especially with so many oversized accessories, some women will find the look to be too much. So ladies, choose what is comfortable to wear, and perhaps opt for layering certain beaded necklaces with chunky chains. This way you are on the band wagon with both trends.

    I've recommended shopping at H&M in previous articles, and to affectively achieve these looks without having to take out a loan, check them out. They have an incredible selection of accessories for dirt cheap and you will not regret your decision. You will get the biggest bang for your buck, and be the trendiest chick on your block. Keep in mind "the bigger the better" when you are shopping for Spring.

As always, Happy Shopping!!!!

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By Lindsay Durney

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