Natural Makeup
My conscience runs deep, therefore, aware that billions on our  planet went to sleep only dreaming of places far away where water runs from a tap, and a bed is something more than a cardboard box sitting on a slab of urban concrete. What a downer, or an upper depending on how one thinks...I tend to think global and beyond...
So I begin here on what constitutes "the natural face" in makeup, specifically in the West.
"Organic" or "Natural" is, simply, a Cosmetic Industry lie. There is no such thing for one acute reason, it's patently 'absurd'. Natural simply means 'as versus synthetic' (man made). It's a psychological trick to market the message to consumers "Wow, it's REAL NATURAL stuff. Must be really good for the skin because it's, "NATURAL."
Natural or organic just means the cosmetic companies use 'plant extracts' in their formulations. Start reading the labels on everything: the first ingredient listed (in cosmetics and food labels) always has the 'highest' percentage: WATER!.. with a fancy name on every single cosmetic product (rarely is this an exception) in skin care, especially those that are 'natural'. Then we come to AQUEOUS EXTRACTS: for instance tea extracts (yes green tea is known for it's anti-oxident properties, BUT when used in cosmetics, what percentage or how much is used? This is then usually followed by a list of other plant extracts.
Allow me to demonstrate what we're talking about. Take some 'natural' fruits, plants, vegetables, don't forget to throw in those 'exotic' fruits you hear all about. Do a little chemistry test, let them 'brew' for a few days...nice, right? Apply to the face? DON'T DO IT!
Unless you're into microbial contamination.
Put simply, there is no such thing as 'natural' product for this one reason. How do you preserve these organic/natural extracts for shelf life AND most important, to counter-act 'skin irritants'? See what I mean. Preservatives are synthetic and even the most so called 'natural' products (thinking even The Body Shop here) contain them.

Organic and Natural extracts can also cause skin sensitivities, allergies, irritations, and sometimes even worse. I'm thinking of another natural product here, BOTOX..wanna go down this street? Nahhh.

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By Rita Kanarek

Copyright ©2006 Rita Kanarek. All rights reserved.