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This fall season calls for three staple wardrobe items as dictated by all the latest Couture shows. If you have flipped through any Fall Forecast Fashion magazines these items are clearly displayed, and you are probably searching for the best variation to suit your budget. 

Top fashion houses around the world are flooding the market with beautifully detailed military-inspired coats. Similar in length and fabric to the traditional Pea-Coat, with militant detailing. This style is available in many variations at shops such as H&M where everything is reasonably priced. Or for those with a deeper pocket, check out the Prada and Chanel boutiques on Bloor Street, Toronto. 

To pair with the coat comes my second staple; the scarf.  Choose an accessory type scarf, not a bulky warm winteresque scarf. One made with delicate fabric and lots of colour.  My suggestion is to choose a scarf with orange, red and brown tones.  Purples and greens are also beautiful for fall fashion. This accessory can also be worn as a belt or head-dress.  A classic denim jacket will work beautifully with a scarf for a casual fall evening look. Scarves of this nature are pretty easy to find. Anywhere from your local Aldo to Holt Renfrew and basically everywhere in between.

My final staple, and also most adored; the boot. A mid-calf length boot in a deep shade of green, purple, red or blue with intricate detailing up the side and stilletto heel. Colour is essential in the detailing of the boot, perhaps a hint of yellow will work to bring any outfit together and create some diversity in your outfit.  This style boot can be found in any Aldo, or Town Shoes and of course Davids on Bloor and Holt Renfrew. For those readers who struggle with stillettos, the cowboy boot is also very hot for fall. A brown cowboy boot with detailing up the calf  is very trendy and can be worn with skirts, trousers or jeans. The jean can also be worn inside the boot to transform your look from average to under-cover celebrity status.  This look coupled with super-sized shades is a always a favourite.

Although style is often dictated by celebrites, it is your job to take your favourite celebrity's style and morph it into your own. Individual style is the best style going and no one can or will ever top it. Taking the latest trends in fashion and adjusting them to fit your personality, body type and lifestyle are keys to becoming a true fashionista. So in addition to my staples for fall see what best suits your needs in your pursuit to a new fall wardrobe, and you will be well on your way to becoming a style icon.

Happy Shopping!

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by Lindsay Durnay

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