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by Kimea Blake
photography by Robert Cheshire

photos © Robert Cheshire, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

When the opportunity to explore the world of photographic art presented itself to me, I wondered what the experience would include. It occurred to me that this was so much more than figure study and photography on its own; but what major differences are there when art and photography come together and most importantly, what would my comfort level be in such a situation? All I had ever done was fashion and commercial modeling, and that is a far cry from true art in my many experiences. Mind you I would argue that the graceful strut and elegance of the runway is definitely some form of art because it’s such a fulfilling experience and when you are in that moment the beauty of it all can be overwhelming, and isn’t that what art should be?

I attempted to define photographic art before I embarked on this journey, mostly because I wanted to stay true to the experience but then realized that defining it would take away from the true essence of the experience; and so I embarked on this journey blindfolded and ready for whatever it brought.  Next Page