Spring Trends


Spring has sprung, what are you wearing? If you are one of those people that gets flustered when it comes to following the trends, don’t fret I’ve got you covered. I’ve done your research for you and you won’t be disappointed with what I have found. From the hottest colours to the must have cuts I’ve put together this little guide so you won’t get lost when dressing and accessorizing this spring. First things first, this spring it’s all about being pretty, lots of skirts, metallics and the brighter the better.  It’s back to being a girly-girl so banish all those harsh edges and get ready to be glamorous. The hottest trends and the must have pieces are Flats, Tunics, Eyelets, Full Skirts, Shrunken Jackets, White and Gypsy. If you can fit one or more of these pieces into your closet all eyes will be on you this spring.            Next page

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story by Kimea Blake

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