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Ever have problems relaxing during the holiday rush at all your favourite shopping centres? Ever bought gifts for yourself along the way? If your answer to the latter question was no, then start! If your answer was yes, keep it up. I come to your rescue this month with a tiny, inexpensive gift for yourself; A trendy new lipstick!!!!!

This new lipstick will brighten your spirits, make you feel beautiful, inside and out, and keep you in style for the holiday season. While staying true to shades that compliment your skin tone, my recommendation is to choose a deep plum or red. Deep matte shades of lipstick are all the rage on the runways and most ad campaigns running for the holidays. Not to mention they are a beautiful tool that has been pushed aside for ultra shine lip gloss. It is time to go back in time, and revisit the forever beautiful matte lipstick.

For light to medium Caucasian complexions either plum or red would work well, try both on and see what works best with your eye colour, skin texture and undertones in the skin. Keep in mind that purple compliments green eyes!  For medium dark to dark Caucasian complexions, a deep red wine is very festive and will brighten your holiday look, and add some mystery to your appeal. For all shades of olive skin, either colour will work well on you, but again try them both on and see for yourself.  Deep plum lips will look amazing on lighter olive skin, and deep red will look fabulous on a darker olive skin.  For most dark skinned women, a deep plum lip with a tint of gold is the most amazing combination. Yet, a very deep matte red also makes for a very stunning evening look.

If my recommended shades do not suit your fancy, then go with a shade that looks great on you, and is something very different from what you are used to wearing. Embrace your new look and get noticed this holiday season.  Making this tiny contribution to yourself will help put you at ease this season, and most importantly make you feel beautiful! So, that’s right ladies, throw away all your glosses for the holiday season, and pick up a new, beautiful matte lipstick. And enjoy the shopping experience.

~Peace and Love, Happy Holidays~

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by Lindsay Durney

Copyright ©2005 Lindsay Durnay. All rights reserved.